Oblique Videos

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Oblique in your cabinet.

Oblique's unique gun and evidence storage.

Oblique rails weight rating.

Tennis Storage Video

Golfbag Storage Flash

Secure management of documents in Oblique and Executive Compartments.

Oblique can retrofit your wenger cabinet for better music storage.

 Historical Videos

Oblique Library Systems 8:46

Since the early 1960's, we've been supplying libraries with the tools they need to organize newspapers, periodicals, photographs, and government and historical documents. Oblique durability and ten year manufacturer's warranty have proven again and again that Oblique can stand the test of time in today's active library environment.


Oblique Unifile Solution 8:06

Unifile is our most cost effective product and can be installed into standard four post or case-style shelving from Spacesaver, Richards-Wilcox, Direct Line, and others. With a three year manufacturers warranty and a wide range of indexing accessories, Unifile is perfect for forms, personnel records, and other low-to-medium access applications.

Oblique Direct File Transfer 8:09

Although color-coded end-tab filing is a mainstay of the American business scene (unlike most of the rest of the world), there are times when a conversion of existing files may be too expensive, or impossible because of existing folders which can not be switched. Oblique's Direct File Transfer can help you move into high density filing, while putting off or delaying the conversion of your files.