AZ Print Software from Oblique

Easier, more user-friendly layout

Ability to print labels in all Microsoft Office fonts, as well as change font colors and background colors

Bold, underline, italicize, or make vertical any type of label

Adjust text direction from left to right, right to left, up to down or down to up

Zoom, adjust column size, and format text in a variety of ways

Search for text within a label document, as well as replace text
Example: At end of year, change all “2004” text to “2005”

New Print Preview feature allows users to view and adjust orientation before printing, allowing for adjustment of differences between printers

Plus many more features!

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Windows® 7
Windows® Vista
Windows® XP
Windows® 2000
Windows® 98
Linux using WINE
Minimum configuration needed to operate comfortably is:
500mhz or equivalent processor
512 MB RAM
5 MB free hard disk space
SVGA monitor configured in 800 x 600 mode
A4 laser or ink jet printer 800.845.7068 Copyright (c) 2013
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